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Single-Day Music Festivals
For High Schools • Junior High • Middle Schools • Elementary Schools
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Welcome to Musicale! 

We are proud to continue our tradition of one-day music festivals full of all the excitement you expect from a music competition-travel adventure. Our dedication to excellence in customer service, performance venues, adjudicators, and theme park adventures sets us apart. Let us help you plan your trip down to the last detail.


  • Adjudication by highly qualified music educators, performers and composers
  • Personal attention to every detail of your trip
  • Admission to Busch Gardens
  • Gala awards ceremony in the park
  • Options for adding an overnight or additional sightseeing
2018 Festival Dates
 April 20April 21
 April 27April 28
 May 4May 5
 May 11May 12
 May 18May 19
 May 25 
 June 1 
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